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April 12, 2014

I'm in the 8th grade, one thing I must do is congratulate my teachers! They are very respective, nice, caring, and willing to do anything to help you be successful! They don't hide their personality, they make them known! I think that they want all of their students, including me, to be successful and have a great time learning. Their are lots of hands-on activities the teachers plan, and they are great fun. This school is and always will be, the best school around! THANK YOU BMS TEACHERS!

August 8, 2013

Belton Middle School has had a great influence on my son. The teachers are all very approachable and do their best to accommodate to the children. The teachers give ample opportunity for each student to do their best and teach the students to take responsibility for their learning. The sports and band departments are spectacular and are above and beyond if your student is involved. The reason I gave a 4 out of 5 is the student to teacher ratio. The teachers do their best but in most classrooms the number of students is overwhelming and sometimes has a negative impact on the classroom environment due to the difficulty of control over such a large number of students per teacher.

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March 3, 2011

I am still fairly new to the Belton school area but I've been impressed with the genuine care and concern of the faculty and staff towards the students. Reading some of the reviews offered I have a few words of advise. As far as distention due to hair styles? Grow up! As for the TAKS comments? The instructors are require by the state to instruct our children in this manner. Trust me. They want to teach more directly and cognitively but their hands are often tied. My opinion for what it's worth? Great job BISD. Keep up the good work.

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April 22, 2010

I love the wonderful way the office greets everyone that comes in. I love how personal the staff are with the children and the families. The teachers treat every student like they are the most important people around. They are always friendly at school and out of school. Their very interested in helping every child to become a winner.They work so well together as a team.

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April 14, 2010

it is a great place to work. The students are hard working and a pleasure to be around. The staff is top notch with caring and giving attitudes and spirits.

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February 8, 2009

this school i thought was a fun school and very active in football but... one problem i have with this school is some of the teachers and that some styles of hair must be put down because it is the name of the style or it is a 'distraction'. the distraction part really ticks me off because i have had this happen personally and i cannot wear my hair style of choice because it is a distraction and guess what the har style is? it is a faux-hawk and it is barely 3 inches long and not only that but one of my friends hair styles had to be put down their hair because of its name the 'devil lock' but i think the attitude of most of the teachers and the kids outwieghs all of that

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December 5, 2008

We have moved several times in my daughter's life allowing us to see other school districts. This particular school fails to impress me. 1) Failure to provide a genuine gifted/talented program. There is absolutely no point to enrolling your child in the AP or G/T programs. They do not cause my daughter to be enriched in any fashion. 2) A heavy emphasis is placed on filling out worksheets and busy work without actual learning. The homework is not challenging nor particular instructive. It is just something to keep the children busy. 3) Heavy emphasis is placed on the TAKS test in all the Belton schools, with a failure to actually teach. If teachers taught their students throughout the year, there would be no need for such a heavy emphasis on passing the TAKS test. Overall, just not very impressed.

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