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Leander, TX | Williamson County


June 5, 2014

My daughter just completed her 2nd year at Rouse and we have loved every minute. From the administration, staff, teachers, cafeteria staff, nurses, attendance - everyone has been helpful, professional, and treated my daughter with genuine caring. Academics are rigorous but as a result our daughter did very well on the PSAT as well as the state tests. We feel so blessed that we moved here and our children are getting such a high quality education.

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June 3, 2014

Whenever I've had trouble in classes they've always been fabulous about working with me. My older and younger brother have gone and go here respectively. I enjoy the large variety of electives and the theatre program is amazing. It was easy to get involved in clubs and after a year of hard work I'm the president in our Latin club! Almost everyone is very welcoming and wants to get to know you, there are a few trouble makers but they've always seemed to be fairly swiftly dealt with. The main thing that i wish was changed was having a small water bottle as an option instead of the school milk.

July 1, 2013

I absolutely love going to RHS. I had the opportunity to go to LHS to participate in the IB program, but I chose Rouse instead, and I'm so glad I did! The teachers are amazing, the extracurriculars are challenging and varied, and the academics (at least as an AP student) involve the students (lots of learning by doing). Plus, the band and student council are some of the best in the state! Go Raiders!

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June 27, 2013

Nothing but love for Rouse. Go Raiders..... I have 2 daughters. 1 graduated 2013 and the other is a Junior. They both love the school as well as I commend the staff with their involvement with the students. I can not say enough positive things about them. The AP classes are exceptional and if you can get your child in those classes, it will be well worth it.

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August 22, 2012

This is a typical public high school in a very large district. I suggest AP courses for your child to get the best education possible at this school. One negative I have experienced is that the football coaches are bullies and play favorites. It's sad that a district that touts a zero tolerance policy with bullying employs coaches that demean the players (it's not acceptable just because it's football). I would speak up directly if I knew my son wouldn't suffer punishment for honest feedback from concerned parents. It's time all teachers and coaches treat students with dignity and practice what they teach (no bullying).

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November 8, 2011

As a parent of a freshman & sophomore at Rouse, and recently relocating from the midwest where we had less than desirable schools, I can honestly say that Rouse has been everything we hoped it would be. The volleyball coach at Rouse took my daughter under his wing knowing she was coming in from 1200 mi. away, and accepted her as a manager because he knew how hard it would be for a teen girl to acclimate to a new school. What a blessing! I am eternally grateful for Coach Thompson's act of kindness. My daughter came out of her reclusive, shy shell following the move, and an ugly divorce, and is now a bouncing, bubbly, student with many friends. Her grades are good & she is thriving. My freshman son, has better grades than he ever has, many friends, and a lot of activities to keep him busy. The teachers here actually care. They offer open tutorials before & after school, for any student needing help. Standards are high. Anything below a 70% is failing..as it should be. If you do the work, if you have drive, the teachers will do everything to help you pass the class. Communication is great in every aspect. Attendance and grades. We never wonder what is going on with our children.

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October 15, 2011

My daughter is a senior at Rouse and she loves it. As a parent, I've always found each of her teachers very approachable. There has never been a time that I was unable either thru e-mail or phone to contact any teacher to discuss an issue I might have. Being California transplants, I've found the TX curriculum to be both challenging and exciting for my child. I Love Rouse and it's teachers, yet I do have one complaint. My student has had (unfortuneatley) 3 coaches as teachers in her 4 years here. They have been awful! Not knowledgeable at all on the subjects they teach,and prone to give athletes more help and attn. Thank goodness they don't teach any core subjects. As well as my student is liked and as well as she does in ALL her other classes,she struggled to have questions answered by these coaches. For this I feel they should spend more time coaching our football players (we certainly need it with our awful season last year and this year not looking much better)and stay out academia! We should pay our curriculum teachers more and get rid of,oh let's say 3 or 4 coaches. Spend the money where it will help our kids academically! Go Rouse Teachers, I think you're fabulous!

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May 20, 2011

This school has too many issues, the immaturity in teachers, coaches and staff, hurts the students in their academics, if your child have learning issues, they were push to the back, for lack of effort in their learning. Rouse teachers and staff are obviously not train adequately to identify students with different learning skills and abilities, different ethnic back ground, also make a big difference in our kids learning, some student can be identified if their are not at their grade level with normal average student in the same grade! This comes from lack of training and immaturity that are hired by the school district staff to educated our children, and our tax money paid them to have a job. The Coaches are cold hearted coaches, no path or goals for student athlete, it's base on, what can I get out of these boys? Not, what can I help my student athletic to better my team? I have a child that attend Rouse, and my child is just so frustrated with teachers, coaches and staffs, teacher don't explained anything well to be understand, coaches are back stabbers, and puts student athlete down, not winning a game is the athlete's fault, so all the bullying starts on this kid or kids

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November 5, 2010

It's awesome and amazing and I love going to Rouse! It is a great school with great teachers and wonderful coaches!

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September 19, 2010

I have 2 young men attending Rouse HS. What an awesome school both academically and athletically. After one of my boys struggled through a middle school which I won't name, he's now right up there with his brother excelling and bringing home A's and B's. A couple quarks to work out with some previous impleted ideas by first principal Nancy Scott but, hopefully, new principals will revise soon. (It is HOMECOMING not Forthcoming) We are in our 3rd year of opening. Ms. Scott did however, far exceeded in positives rather than negatives. Cudos Rouse HS faculty 2010-2011!!!!

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May 17, 2010

We've lived in 3 different states before this one, and I've been very pleased with this school in comparison! (We haven't been so thrilled about Wiley mid. school next door, but luckily she'll be here next year). Great college prep. & wonderful sports progams!! The coaches are wonderful and even have good moral talks with the boys. Excellent fields, weight rooms and work out regimens that you'd pay a bundle to get outside of school. The staff is young, no burn out going on. We've had all straight A report cards so far & no teacher complaints. I was worried about it being so new that there would still be a lot to iron out, but they are doing a fantastic job!

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May 11, 2010

If you expect to have communication with the teachers and staff of RHS, you will be highly dissapointed. If your student is part of the SPED program don't expect much help for them. If you just want to send your child to school and forget about them, this school is the one to choose! Depending on which middle school your child comes from, they will be treated either wonderfully or poorly. Sad sad truth. My student knows people from 2 middle schools that feed into RHS as he attended both and saw first hand how the kids from each school were treated differently. In speeking with parents I was able to verify his story.

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August 25, 2009

Serious about preparing the children for college. I do not know where you'll find a better facility in TX let alone the rest of the US.

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